Many beautiful photos can easily be found online thanks Google Images, but when you do the right thing and select the Tools tab to filter for images labelled for reuse, the numbers dwindle down dramatically. Not only are there very few images available, but generally the quality of those remaining images are not all that fantastic either.
So where DO you find impressive images that you’re allowed to use on your small business website, blog post or social media, you ask? Simple. You head over to one of these five incredibly useful free stock image websites that offer a variety of images permissible for commercial use.



Pexels is our go-to platform for free stock images. Alongside its intuitive interface, and stunning images smacking you in the face as soon as you arrive, Pexels is so quick and straightforward to search and to download. There’s no frustration with reCAPTCHA or the likes, checking that you’re human, by clicking on road signs or retyping illegible non-words. Merely select your desired image, choose what size, or customize to your required dimensions, click Download and voila!
If you’re after a background image, often used for web pages and social media headers, then Pexels is the perfect free stock image website for you. Their image library has an abundance of vertical photos of breathtaking landscapes, diverse range of health and fitness pics, heavenly coffee images and innovative abstract photos.
With more than 3,000 new images added monthly, you’re bound to keep coming back for more.



Finding a suitable image on Pixabay is almost guaranteed. Its easy search functionality allows you to type in any search term and choose from over 1,110,000 free stock images. Or you can more selective, narrowing down to the media type (eg. photo, illustration or video), or image orientation (vertical or horizontal), colour, minimum size and more.
Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? Then browse through some of Pixabay’s stock photo categories. From Animals, to Fashion, Food, People and Technology you’re sure to find the perfect image for your webpage, blog or social media post.
Bonus: There is also a free Pixabay app available for download for easy access on the go from Apple and Google Play


Boasting over 200,000 incredible free stock images, you need to beware not to get consumed spending endless hours searching the imagery on Unsplash. A simple click on the Download Photo arrow on the chosen image and you’re instantly downloading a large high resolution version of it. Although they suggest crediting the photographer (which we all know is the nice thing to do, but rarely do it!) this is absolutely not a requirement, and as Unsplash state themselves; you can do whatever you want with the images.


Death to the Stock Photo

Unfortunately you’re unable to search for specifics on this free stock images website, only having the ability to access recently added photo packs. However, Death to the Stock Photo does offer some exclusive and extraordinary, free stock images, and is usually worthwhile taking the time to scroll through to try to find something that works. To save you the trouble of remembering to regularly visit the site to check for new image collections, why not sign up to receive their free monthly emails showcasing their latest photo packs.
Regrettably, you’re also unable to download individual images. You must download the entire photo pack, taking up time to download and space to store the images.
But remember, they’re free and they’re incredibly beautiful!

Graphic Burger

The thing we love most about Graphic Burger is that it’s not limited to just photos and videos – this valuable website offers a range of free icons, designated background images, text effects and more. Everything you need to get your small business website looking fabulous and professional. Their collection of background images range from marble, wood and stone wall textures, to blurred, watercolour, holographic and paper marbling photos.
Icons are incredibly popular in website design as they are a visual representation of what the corresponding text, or page link, are about. Icons instantly communicate to viewers of all backgrounds, what they should expect to find in this location. Whether you’re searching for traditional website icons such as phone, location tab, envelope or shopping baskets, or you’re looking for more niche icons to suit your industry, you certain to find it on Graphic Burger. Their endless icon collections range from construction, to hospitality, to food, finance and everything in between.

Have fun searching to find beautiful free stock images to represent your brand, and using the them across all your digital marketing platforms.